Join the Many Conscientious Car & Truck Owners Who Regularly Have Their Vehicles Detailed!

The most obvious advantage to having your vehicle detailed is the pleasure of driving and riding in an exquisitely clean, safe, “like-new” vehicle all the time; but there is a financial advantage to detailing as well. A clean, well-maintained vehicle protects your automotive investment and helps increase its resell when you get ready to sell.

If you are thinking about having your vehicle detailed for the first time, Adrian Granados at Super Detailing welcomes you to luxury driving! Automotive detailing and paint correction are cost-effective ways to protect your vehicle whether it is brand new, aging, or a weather worn classic!

My car is old and the paint is dull. I need a paint job.

Having your car or truck repainted can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the value of the vehicle. Before you drop that kind of money, let Super Detailing provide you with a FREE Paint Assessment!

Super Detailing uses a highly specialized technique known as multistage Paint Correction, which removes environmental contaminants, fine scratches, and oxidation that builds up on your vehicle’s clear coat and dulls the paint’s original luster. Once corrected, the brilliance of the paint can shine through the now invisible clear coat and quite honestly? It often looks better than it did when you drove it home from the dealership!

Using the most advanced car care products and innovative detailing techniques available, Super Detailing thoroughly cleans and restores aging interiors so they look better than customer expectations!

Remember! Old cars and classics don’t win car show ribbons because they have been taken care of all those years. Most of the time, they have been restored by a professional detailer like Adrian Granados!

My car is brand new! Why do I need a detail?

The truth? If Super Detailing had their way, every new car owners would call Adrian on their way home from the showroom and let us inspect your new paint for swirl marks, holograms, and inconsistencies in the paint!Car and truck manufacturers use automated robots to paint your vehicle resulting in many flaws that are exacerbated by a brutal journey to your car dealership. Before you take possession of the keys, your new vehicle has suffered from exposure to road and rail debris; has probably been sitting for long periods of time in storage near a waterfront or railway; and once it arrived at the dealership, it has been sitting out in the elements while being manhandled by freight haulers, service technicians, sales representatives, and numerous potential buyers.

Although the dealership gives it a superficial wash to get it outwardly clean, it will not be thoroughly detailed, and there will be no inspection of the paint by a certified Paint Correction Specialist like Adrian at Super Detailing, to make sure it is flawless.Adrian is licensed and certified by one of the country’s most prestigious automotive detailing trainers where he learned the art and science of restoring old paint on classics, pre-owned, and older model vehicles including fixing paint damage caused by the sun, bird droppings, bug splatter, water spots, and the effects of environmental contaminants on vehicles with a clear coat.

Isn’t Detailing just an expensive car wash?

Don’t you believe it! At the average car wash, you get a superficial rinsing using abrasive textiles that leave fine scratches. The build up of hairline scratches over time dulls your new paint.For an extra $10, you might get someone to quick-vac your carpet, dust off your dashboard, wipe down your steering wheel, and spray some air freshener, simply displacing surface dirt rather than removing it, and covering up the odors for a couple of days rather than removing the bacteria and stain causing the odors. Super Detailing thoroughly cleans and reconditions your automobile inside and out. The goal is to revive, restore, maintain, and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle to as close as possible, showroom condition!

In the process, Super Detailing may recommend additional services such as Paint Correction, steam cleaning, or the added protection of Protective Coatings, but we will always explain these services thoroughly, and advise you honestly.

Regularly detailing your vehicle helps maintain the maximum value of your vehicle!

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