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Although RVs and the entire camper line present difficulties with their soft gel-coated Fiberglas, Super Detailing’s Adrian Granados enjoys detailing large motor vehicles including Class A bus styles, two-level 5th Wheel towable campers, and travel trailers.

Super Detailing offers a range of RV and camper cleaning services starting with a basic wash, and continuing with a full wax and polish, as well as multistage paint correction for heavily oxidized vehicles that have been parked under a tree for several seasons, neglected.


Detailing campers and RVs requires special understanding of the materials used and a knowledge of how to get a consistent result all over the vehicle. Super Detailing uses a variety of professional-grade products and top-of-line equipment determined by whether your vehicle is painted or laminated aluminum, or gel-coated fiberglass. We take special care with any graphics that may be vulnerable to buffing. We also clean detachable or collapsible awnings and slide-outs.

The interior has several surface textures to clean and maintain including those with gelcoats, aluminum, chrome, leather, glass, granite, marble, and even wood.

A $50,000 C class, a $400,000 Monaco, or million-dollar Prevost — you want a detailer like Super Detailing who has experience cleaning and maintaining all types of surfaces keeping your RV shining inside and out!

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