Prestigious Detailing Projects

As a member of the Detailing Network, Adrian Granados of Super Detailing often offers his advanced skills in paint correction and detailing to help with community projects like maintaining firetrucks and vintage automobiles at local museums; helping prep vehicles for car shows and road shows; holding demonstrations at tradeshows for vendors and suppliers; field-testing and endorsing new products and equipment; and cleaning and refurbishing emergency vehicles after natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

As a member, many of the projects Adrian participates in are covered in the media, invited to appear on national TV shows, and are invited celebrity guests at events. They serve on Boards of Directors, advisory panels, and win awards for their achievements in the industry. They even compete against each other to hone their skills.

But best of all, they get to work on some of the most expensive and prestigious cars, aircraft, and motorcycles in the world!

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