Germs are Everywhere Inside your Vehicle

Germs and odor-causing bacteria come into your vehicle on your hands, clothes, shoes, and hair. Dirt and grime come in on everything you bring into the car with you such as a purse, grocery bags, a briefcase, and umbrella.

At any given time your have on your hands soap, lotion, sweat, and food residue. After a trip to the pump, add gas, oil, and grease.

Umbrellas, beach and pool towels, and raincoats bring in moisture like rainwater and dew, slush, sleet, ice, and snow.


The Importance of Details

The buttons on your radio, turn signal shaft, gearshift, steering wheel, console, and dashboard collect dirt and hand oil. The crevices and seams in your upholstery gather crumbs and grit. The constant sliding in and out of your vehicle causes the transfer of clothing dyes, dirt, and body sweat onto the fabrics and upholstery; and if made of a delicate material like microsuede or leather, the wear is as damaging as the tear.

We clean pollen, dust, mold spores, sand, salt, and grit that collect around the outer vents of your AC and exhaust system, usually located underneath your windshield wipers. These allergens when blown into the vehicle causes headaches, watery eyes, and other allergic reactions.

Down into the niches and crannies in between and underneath the seats; cup holders, side pockets, ashtrays, and the grooves and crevices where stains and bacteria hide – Adrian Granados has the tools and products to not just clean, but coat and protect your glass, fabrics, metals, carpets and hard plastics from further abuse.


And your carpets! They harbor dirt, sand, grit, hair, water, mildew, sweat, and some things so disgusting you don’t want to know about it!

We clean your class until it sparkles and offer protective coatings for glass that prevent the moisture buildup on foggy windows, and repels rainwater and streaks from the windshield.

Our basic interior vacuum removes the bulk of the dirt from deep down in the fibers of your carpet and upholstery, but check out our advanced interior detailing services like European Steam Technology and Odor Removal/Control.

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