You Can’t Stop the Attack, But Super Detailing Goes Where Automated Car Washes Can’t

How can an automated car wash possibly remove stuck-on asphalt and road gunk from the lower regions of your car or truck? How about door panels, bumpers, spoilers, and grills?

How can an automated car wash reach inside your fuel door, get between the door jambs, and clean every decorative groove and spoke of your wheels and grill, including the chrome exhaust pipes?They can’t, but Super Detailing does!

Super Detailing Monitors the Condition of Your Paint Over Time

Super Detailing carefully and safely cleans and polishes every inch of your exterior including your chrome, plastic bumpers, and trim. If you get into a detailing routine with your vehicle, Super Detailing monitors the condition of your paint so they can recommend advanced exterior detailing techniques like Paint Correction and the application of semi-permanent Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings.

A Paint Correction followed by a semi-permanent coating can restore and maintain your paint at the highest level. Excellent for new cars and a way to stop the aging (and depreciation) of your existing car.

Visit our section on Coating Technology and Paint Correction to find out more. Ask Adrian Granados whether a Paint Correction followed by the application of a protective coating will restore your vehicle’s “new car” shine!

Cleaning Your Paint Using Clay Bar

Always washed by hand using lubricating pH-balanced automotive shampoo and hand dried using soft microfiber towels, Super Detailing gets up close and personal with your automotive paint so they can help you prevent and correct problems like oxidation, scratches, etching, and holograms that dull your shine, even after waxing and polishing.

Acid rain, insecticides, tree sap, bird droppings, squashed bugs, old wax, and even rainwater leave residue that blurs your shine. In a single drop of rainwater are billions of dust and pollen particles, bacteria, mold, dirt, plant and insect parts, algae, and smoke particles that attach themselves to your clear coat, leaving white, dusty traces and tracks on the paint surface.

Super Detailing uses a special detailer’s clay called Clay Bar to loosen environmental contaminants that have a gripping, even penetrating, grasp on your paint. The result of this decontamination process followed by a professional machine polish, is a slick, squeaky clean that makes the vehicle easier to clean in the months ahead, and that restores the paint’s natural brilliance.

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