Clean Up the Big ‘Splat’ With European Steam Clean


When your vehicle is new, you spend the first few weeks guarding against the slightest misstep. No coffee on the way to work, no french fries on the run, and remove your wet shoes and drive home in your stocking feet if it rains. But try as you might, eventually life catches up with you inside your car!

Lunch on the go and — Splat! — french fries and ketchup all over the seat and floor. Your soft drink sloshes over the sides of the cup and dribbles down the side of the console.

And how many times can you tell the family dog he can’t ride in your new car?

It is difficult to separate stains from odor because the spill that caused the stain likely left behind bacteria that inevitably caused the odor. Super Detailing uses European Steam Cleaning methods to remove the source of the stain and of the odor.

When the “New” Seems to be Wearing Off Your Car Interiors


Super Detailing uses a powerful new chemical-free Hot Vapor cleaning technique known as European Steam Clean to whisks away dirt and stains from your car interior, even if it has seen its share of spills and stains. European Steam Cleaning is a premium stain removal system that removes allergy-causing germs and odor-causing bacteria from your interior hard surfaces, fabrics and upholstery, carpets and mats, and sneaky little crevices where a dropped French fry went to hide.

European Steam Clean removes the source of odors that give your vehicle that musty, sweaty, stale fast-food smell, so you can follow up with Super Detailing’s Odor Removal Treatment.

Even if your vehicle has pure leather upholstery, it is important to keep those luxurious fabrics well fed and well-nourished so humidity causing mildew and the ferocity of the sun will protect them from dry out and cracking.

Protect Your Interior Against Everything Life has to Throw at It!

You might want to finish it off with a Protective Interior Ceramic Pro Coating! An interior European Steam Cleaning followed by any number of Ceramic Pro Interior Coatings is a must for every car owner, especially if you have children and pets!

Protect the things in life
that you care about.