Revive a Rad Ride for a New Driver in the Family


Buying a new car for the new drivers in the family is expensive, but cleaning up an older vehicle to get her shining in time for your first date or senior prom is an affordable option.

Let Adrian at Super Detailing provide a much more stylish solution to the problem! Adrian can revitalize the paint on an older model vehicle, steam clean the interior carpets and upholstery, and transform it into the best-looking set of wheels at Anytown High School!

Whether you grabbed your first kiss in the front seat, or drove it every Saturday to your favorite fishing hole, many car owners dream of bringing an old classic back to life.

As long as there is no rust … rust is Super Detailing kryptonite! … Adrian Granados can use paint cleaning and paint correction techniques to turn dull and cloudy paint into a glossy shine.

Adrian gets your chrome and glass glistening. He uses the Q-tip touch to get down into the deepest niches and crevices to remove crumbs, dust, dirt, and even mold. When done, Adrian will get your older vehicle smelling cleaner than it has in many years.

Also, consider keeping, rather than selling an older vehicle, and fixing it up as a second family car for your spouse. Revitalized automobiles are very popular and have a tendency to bring back the “good old days” for the owner.

And just to make sure we cover all the bases … few blue ribbon winners at the local, regional, or national car shows have maintained their award-winning looks without the help from a high-end detailer like Adrian Granados!

So before you give your older model vehicle a disrespectful nickname like “Tin Lizzie” or “Bucket of Bolts”, remember that Adrian sees the potential in every old vehicle! Just because a car or truck has lost its shine and the interior is worn and stained, doesn’t mean it can’t be reconditioned!

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