Every Seaside Community Needs a Boat Detailer


Boat detailing is a niche area of detailing that involves cleaning and maintaining everything from small fishing boats to yachts, sailboats, and water sports vehicles like jet skis.

The salt water, constant sea breeze, sand, and perpetual sunshine is brutal on watercraft of any size and type, and we face many of the same challenges we see with automobiles and RVs.


Marine vehicles should be washed frequently and when needed, have its paint corrected to remove swirl marks, water spots, and streaks.

Metals corrode much quicker in the sea air, and Isinglass used on the windshield and portals, demands frequent polishing to prevent cloudy yellowing. Your boat is susceptible to rapid corrosion if not properly and frequently compounded, polished, and sealed with a heavy wax sealant.

The surface of a boat is much more porous than that of a car or truck. Gel-coated Fiberglas is much softer than a car’s clear coat. Boats also have unique surfaces like teak wood, metal, and a great deal of vinyl to maintain and protect against the ocean’s elements.

Your boat is a long-term investment that requires proper care in order to preserve its exposed surfaces and maintain its monetary resale value.

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