A Clean Plane is more Fuel Efficient

As private and civic aircraft become increasingly more mainstream, there is a growing need for niche detailers with experience detailing airplanes. The exterior cleanliness of an aircraft affects its aerodynamics, which in turn influences the economics of fuel usage. The cleaner the aircraft, the better it flies using less fuel.

Aircraft detailing requires an understanding of the products and formulas that work on an aircraft’s skin without causing corrosion or damage that affects flight. For instance, there is more to detailing an aircraft that washing and slapping on some wax. In fact, some areas of the aircraft should never be waxed or exposed to a sealant. Some common degreasers will damage the paint and can cause serious damage to any bright work (aluminum), its composite skin, and the frame.

Trained by the Official Detailer of Air Force One


Renny Doyle of Detailing Success & Aircraft Training in Big Bear Lake, CA is known as the Detailer of Air Force One. He has detailed over 4,000 airplanes in his career and leads a 35-person team to Seattle every year to detail the original AFO presidential jet at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Adrian Granados is a member of the 2016 Air Force One Detailing Team and this year, he got an added bonus as a member of the Boeing Centennial Detailing Team at the Seattle Museum of Flight where they detailed 15 additional historic airplanes including three WWII military aircraft! (Read more …)

Safe Products & Application Techniques

Some of the areas where Super Detailing’s aircraft division has expertise:

  • Aircraft dry and wet wash techniques


  • Storm water runoff issues
  • The use of waxes and sealants
  • Bright-work polishing
  • Cleaning wool carpets
  • Landing gear precautions
  • TKS edges
  • FOD issues
  • Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Static port compromising

The aircraft detailing division of Super Detailing is qualified to revive 20-year-old single-stage paint, as well as modern finishes. We have experience detailing all types and sizes of aircraft.

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