Member of the 2016 Air Force One & Boeing Centennial Detailing Teams at the Seattle Museum of Flight

Adrian Granados of Super Detailing was invited to join the 2016 Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. The invite included detailing 17 additional historic airplanes for Boeing’s Centennial Celebration, including three WWII military aircraft: the B-47 Stratojet, a B-17 Flying Fortress, and the B-29 (T-Square) Superfortress bomber.

Meet Adrian Granados

Now certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA), Adrian Granados owner of Super Detailing from Downey California could not have known at age 15, working in a small Mexican automotive diagnostics shop that 25 years later, he would be selected to detail the first U.S. presidential jet Air Force One, or that he would serve on a team prepping 15 of the Boeing Company’s most iconic aircraft at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Living the American Dream

It was the perfect example of the American Dream coming true for Adrian, who moved to the U.S. in 2004 from Mexico, where he grew up. Landing in Los Angeles and working in car washes and automotive shops earned him enough money to buy his first car. Keeping that new Volkswagen shining and in pristine condition would define his passion and further direct his career.

In 2011, Adrian made his first trip to Las Vegas where he attended the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show, the largest aftermarket automotive show in the world. He had been professionally detailing for several years, but his introduction to fellow Air Force One Detailer, Rigo Santana of Xtreme Xcellence in Orange County, dramatically changed the direction of his pursuits, and his fortunes.

Impressed with Adrian’s background, Rigo introduced Adrian to his mentor, and from there, things changed for Adrian Granados.

Passionate About Detailing!

Rigo, who was a successful detailer himself and also of Hispanic origin, was on a mission to get all the serious Latino detailers in Southern California professionally trained and certified by his mentor. It was an opportunity to show the many Latino detailers in their communities that their passion for all things automotive could pay great dividends when done correctly.

Adrian was already confident in his work but soon discovered there was a whole new world of high-end detailing known as paint correction. Having advanced skills training in paint correction, along with a knowledge and understanding of innovative detailing techniques, the benefits of protective coating applications, and the difference in professional-grade equipment and products, Adrian was convinced he could offer higher quality automotive car care for his customers. Adrian joined a small group of like-minded, serious Latino detailers from the Los Angeles area in the premier Latino Detailing Training class held at Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success in Big Bear Lake. adrian2smallFurthermore, Renny is famous for leading the Air Force One Detailing Team at the Seattle Museum of Flight where for more than a decade, he has been restoring and now preserving, the historic airplane.

Everything changed after that week. The next thing Adrian knew, Rigo Santana and Doyle were offering him a coveted spot on the 2016 Air Force One Detailing Team, which came with a bonus in 2016.

The AFO Team would also be detailing over 15 of Boeing’s most iconic aircraft for their 100th Anniversary celebration. Adrian was now officially a member of the 2016 Boeing Centennial Detailing Team as well!

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International Detailing Association

As a member of the IDA, Super Detailing of Downey California is held to a higher quality standard than non-certified detailers. Car owners of the Downey California area can be assured that IDA members are tested and certified according to strict industry standards determined by leading industry professionals. The IDA is active in helping car owners understand the value in professional detailing services and they make it easy for customers to contact an IDA-certified detailer like Adrian Granados at Super Detailing in your town or city!

Furthermore, Adrian is also a “Skills Validated” IDA detailer, which means he is certified beyond a written exam and has achieved the highest level of hands-on skills-proven training offered by the IDA.

Detailing Success Network

Detailing Success detailers receive certification in detailing business and marketing as well as physical training in interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, and headlight restoration.

Members of the Detailing Success Network have access to a private forum where they can gain ongoing support and advice from other members of the Network, as well as expertise from senior members of the Detail Industry.

Detailers Network

Detail Network members are mentors to younger Detailing members, and they frequently together for tradeshows, seminars, or weekend-long Detailing Challenges where they compete with each other to solve car appearance problems like damaged paint, oxidized metals, and removing difficult stains and odors — all to keep their detailing and paint correction skills honed sharp! They often cross state lines to work on regional and local projects like restoring historic airplanes and fire engines for museums; cleaning emergency vehicles after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy; or prepping multi-million-dollar car collections for auctions, car shows, and private collectors.